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ACCEPT Association

ACCEPT is the first Romanian non-governmental organization that defends and promotes the rights of LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals,transgenders) at the national level.


The protection and promotion of the rights of the LGBT persons in Romania as human rights.


A society in which sexual orientation and gender identity are mere characteristics of a human being.


To change negative social attitudes toward LGBT people in Romania.


1. Respect for human rights. We respect the right to personal and group dignity.

2 Respect for diversity. We consider the respect for convictions, values, feelings and identity as fundamental. 2. Respect for oneself and for the communities to which we belong. We support and encourage the expression of one’s identity and respect for oneself. We act professionally. We promote the principles of institutional transparency.

4. Combating intolerance and discrimination towards persons and groups on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.


  • defending, by all legal means, the persons whose fundamental rights and liberties, as guaranteed by the Romanian Constitution and the international treaties ratified by Romania, were infringed upon;
  • educating the public and the media on LGBTs;
  • organizing activities to promote the observance of the rights and liberties of LGBT people; increasing group solidarity among the LGBT community members;
  • collaborating with organizations that promote the rights of minorities;
  • developing services that address the specific needs of LGBTs in Romania.

Here you can find the ACCEPT Association statute.

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