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Traditional values, religion and LGBT rights in Eastern Europe

Traditional values, religion and LGBT rights in Eastern Europe aims to analyze the impact of religiously motivated intolerance on the LGBT community. This analysis is a pioneering project financed by the Black Sea Trust, undertaken by ACCEPT in partnership with ECPI – Euroregional Center for Public Initiatives.

Legal gender recognition in Romania

Bucharest, 2014

Legal gender recognition in Romania presents ACCEPT’s experience in legally assisting transgender persons in obtaining the recognition of their gender identity and the main legal precedents at European level. The publication is a resource primarily for legal professionals, but can also be useful for doctors, psychologists, professors, journalists and transgender persons themselves. ECPI – Euroregional Center for Public Initiatives has contributed to this publication.

Standarde-de-ingrijire-pentru-tulburarile-de-identitate-de-gen (Standards of care for trans people)

Bucharest, 2010

FARA RISCURI. Ghid pentru sanatatea sexuala si reproductiva a femeilor atrase de femei. (Without risks. Guide for sexual reproductive health addressed to lesbians and bisexual women)

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Ghid pentru psihoterapia cu clienti gay si bisexuali si cliente lesbiene si bisexuale (Psychotherapy guide – working with LGBT persons)

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Nu renunta la sex! Renunta la riscuri! Informatii pentru barbatii care fac sex cu barbati (brosura) (Don’t give up to sex! Just give up to risks!)

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Raspunsuri la intrebari despre persoanele transgender si identitatea de gen (pliant) (Answering to questions about trans people and gender identity) Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Simboluri LGBT (pliant) (LGBT symbols)

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Serviciile medicale: bune practici in lucrul cu persoanele LGBT (brosura) (Medical services: best practices in working with LGBT persons)

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2009

Atitudinea parlamentarilor romani fata de discriminare (The attitudes of the Romanian parliamentarians towards discrimination)

Bucharest, ACCEPT and IPP, 2007

Barriers in the social life of LGBT people

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2005

Research on the health needs of the Romanian LGBT people and their acces to the public healthcare system. The data collected will serve to inform ongoing advocacy and policy work in the field of health services for LGBT.

Sexual Orientation: Guide for Professors

Bucharest, Maiko Publishing House, 2005

ACCEPT published this guide for theachers in order to provide them a set of information and suggestions on how to best approach the subject of sexual orientation and homosexuality, during the sexual and health education classes in school

About us. Sexual minorities in Romania

Bucharest, ACCEPT, 2003

This is a publication offering information about the history of the status of article 200 PC and the anti-discrimination legislation in Romania, religion and homosexuality,Coming-out, Homophobia, Youth and HIV/SIDA

Public Scandals: Sexual Orientation and Criminal Law in Romania

Human Rights Watch; IGLHRC, 1988

Public Scandals is a report by Human Rights Watch and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission(IGLHRC) about the legal status of LGBT people in Romania before the repeal of Article 200 PC.

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