GayFest – recognizing and celebrating diversity Bucharest, June, 4-9


Every year since 2005, ACCEPT has been organizing GayFest – a festival in which we recognize and celebrate diversity.

The festival takes place in Bucharest and is dedicated to the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender) in Romania, as well as to their supporters, friends and families.

GayFest is defined by its movies, debates, parties and the GAY MARCH; all those make GayFest a dynamic, inciting, provocative and …diverse celebration.


GayFest wants to take out, in the streets, the life of the LGBT community.

GayFest wants to show the Romanians that there is room for everybody in the world.

GayFest wants to get rid of the stereotypes and the prejudices against the LGBT.

GayFest is primarily a celebration where culture meets human rights to offer people an opportunity to live their lives authentically and in dignity.